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Basic Bath
  • Includes 2 shampoos and rinses, nail clipping, ear cleaning, blow-dry and brush-out. Prices start at $60 (pre-tax).  All baths come with a blueberry facial scrub for pets.   Note:  Ears are gently plucked using fingers with a light coat of ear powder; no ear hair will be forcibly removed using hemostats.


Basic Bath plus a trim or style of your choice
  • Includes shampoo upgrade of your choice, nail clipping, ear cleaning, blow-dry and haircut to breed standard or your preference – prices start at $75 pre-tax.  The price can vary depending on breed of dog and their coat condition.  

Matted Pets 

  • Some breeds of dogs mat easier than others.  If your dog has mats that are smelly, heavy or a tightly tangled mass that cannot be brushed out, your pet will need to be shaved.  To attempt removing mats by brushing is an inhumane and cruel procedure that causes your pet a great deal of pain.  A release form must be signed before attempting to groom a matted pet.  Special pricing will apply to heavily matted dogs.  A fee can be quoted after seeing and touching the pet.


  • Nail Grinding/Buffing - Helps to make your dog's nails smoother and have a more rounded edge - $15 (available to current clients only)

  • Teeth brushing using Peppermint spray or gel - $10

  • Nail Polish - Add a little color to your pup's toenails, works best for dogs who have their feet shaved - $20

  • Flea Shampoo - Kills fleas that are on your dog, has no residual effect - $10

  • De-Shed Treatment - Helps to decrease shedding and preserve your dog's beautiful coat without shaving. The cost is $10 - $20 depending on breed and condition of coat.  This is highly recommended over shaving the double coated breeds.

  • Medicated shampoos and conditioners - whether the products are provided by you from your vet or selected from the variety I can provide the additional time required costs $5

  • Nail trimming for existing clients without a bath or groom $15

**As of January 2019 we will no longer express anal glands**

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